Beautiful 1964 Ford Fairlane sells for $700,000 to benefit charity

The star of this weekend's Barrett-Jackson auction in Las Vegas was this 1964 Ford Fairlane K-code which sold for an amazing $700,000 with all proceeds going to charity. This very red Fairlane was originally constructed by Rousch Industries as a promotional vehicle for the auction company. Last night it was auctioned… »9/25/11 5:00pm9/25/11 5:00pm

Awesome 1000 horsepower Chevy powered Ferrari 360 is awesome

What would you do if you blew the engine of your Ferrari 360 GT during a track day? While most Ferrari owners would probably go for an expensive engine rebuild after the tears subsided, one Californian exotic car owner decided to think outside the box. The 1000 horsepower Chevy powered bastard Ferrari seen here is… »4/17/11 4:00pm4/17/11 4:00pm

A Shelby Cobra 427 frame-up, concours quality restoration with a sideoiler 427 engine. 11,000 origin

A Shelby Cobra 427 frame-up, concours quality restoration with a sideoiler 427 engine. 11,000 original miles. Never raced. Has the Sunburst wheels with original Blue Dot tires and a spare set of wheels and tires — and it just sold for $625,000 at the Barrett-Jackson to some guy on the interwebs. No, it wasn't us. »1/19/08 6:51pm1/19/08 6:51pm

Whistlin' Wynn-Dixie: Chevy Shows Off It's Threesome Of Silverado Customs

We're over at the Wynn hotel, Steve's golden child who isn't one of his potentially tattlin' children, in order to check out the threesome of Silverado customs the General's got on display. We've shown them to you in sketch form, and now we've got them live and in color. And yes, the Dale Jr. truck is still hideous.… »10/30/06 11:33pm10/30/06 11:33pm

SEMA Preview: The General's Going To Have More Than This Threesome For Vegas

The boys over in the General's aftermarket dungeons must have been working mad overtime hours this year, as the plan appears to be for them to throw down twenty-seven vehicles on display in the General's SEMA booth — including 14 Chevrolets; two Cadillacs; four GMCs; two HUMMER H3s; two Pontiac Solstices; two Saturns;… »10/23/06 3:31pm10/23/06 3:31pm

Crown Victoria, Indeed: Next Rear-Drive Ford Could Come from Australia

Left Lane News has been working the down-under side of the street — following reports of a rear-drive sedan — possibly for US export — coming out of the Ford Australia studio. Word is the car will be a retro-styled model, possibly along the lines of the Ford 427 concept of 2003 (pictured). Australia being a land… »7/14/06 11:20am7/14/06 11:20am