You Are Not Niki Lauda: Ferrari 275GTB, Now With Bonus 7-Litre Galaxie!

Continuing with VintageRacer's photographs, we now look at a terrifyingly valuable Ferrari 365 275GTB that's about to head out onto the track and make some really enjoyable V12 noise. The styling of this car certainly showed up in a lot of early-70s machinery, didn't it? Make the jump to see all the photos and read… »6/12/08 3:00pm6/12/08 3:00pm


PCH, Cheap Ferrari Edition: 365 or 308GTS Plus Bonus Esprit?

Sometimes you need to ask yourself: How bad do I need a Ferrari? Actually, in Project Car Hell, the question goes: How bad can a Ferrari project be? Either way, the problem with Ferraris is that most of them are so expensive that you're spared the torment of actually owning one... that is, until now. We've managed to… »2/07/08 5:00pm2/07/08 5:00pm