Bad Day For This Guy

There's probably no worse feeling for a car guy than standing by helplessly as your car burns to the ground. This guy had a very bad day Sunday, that's his Ferrari 360 burning along California's Highway 101. Carnage below. » 2/23/10 2:30pm 2/23/10 2:30pm

High-Heeled Woman Races Ferrari On The Autobahn

Fast cars and fast women are two things lusted after but rarely experienced simultaneously. Here we have an attractive woman racing a Ferrari 360 Modena on the Autobahn combining the two. Bonus material for foot-fetishists! » 12/29/08 2:30pm 12/29/08 2:30pm

Dutch Ferrari Takes A Swim, Needs Diving Lessons

Oh look, another Ferrari crash. Maybe we should have run this Monday when we were having our Maximum Ferrari Crash Morning but now that we look at it, maybe the owner of this 360 Modena just wanted to take it for a little swim. Or maybe he just couldn't find a car wash open late enough. [Autogespot] » 5/14/08 10:00am 5/14/08 10:00am