PCH, Faster Pussycat Edition: TR3, MGA, or 356?

The Repo Man Edition PCH was fun, so we're returning to the movie-themed Choose Your Eternity concept once again. Today we're having a 3-way vote, but that's OK because we've seen one of the cars before and the idea of doing a PCH with the three machines driven by the homicidal go-go dancers from Russ Meyer drive-in… » 12/24/07 5:00pm 12/24/07 5:00pm

Engine Swap of the Day: Junkman's Small-Block-Powered 356

The other day, Junkman mentioned his Chevy 400-powered '57 Porsche 356. Well, one thing led to another, and we invited him to send in some photos for us to share. See, when most guys claim online to have some outrageous engine/car combo ("Dude, I got a '72 Kadett with Detroit Diesel Series 60!") you take the claim… » 8/31/07 3:30pm 8/31/07 3:30pm

A Great Way to Waste Nearly 70k: Custom Porsche 356

We're not purists when it comes to Porsches. We don't mind, by and large, if people hack 'em up. But the fate of this poor little 356 makes us sad indeed. The wheels are all wrong for the car, and that scoop treatment's rather in poor taste. What's more, if one's going to maul a car like this, shouldn't it have a… » 3/29/06 5:44pm 3/29/06 5:44pm