New Roadkill - Boosted '78 Chevy Monza Spyder with 5 leaf-blowers!

I can't believe nobody has posted this yet! Watching them figure out how to get their "superchargers" working is downright educational. » 5/31/13 3:36pm 5/31/13 3:36pm

1974 Oldsmobile Omega S has “a little wallop”

By 1974 the cars being sold were a lot different than the fire breathing "Super Cars" being sold in the late 60s. As is evidenced by this vintage road test, although Car and Track did it's best to change with the times, it was never quite the same. This is fairly apparent throughout this 1974 Oldsmobile Omega S road… » 4/03/11 11:00am 4/03/11 11:00am

Four wheel drive ’56 Plymouth wagon on Ebay

What has four wheel drive, four doors, a sky high body lift and Virgil Exner styling? With the exception of this 1956 Plymouth wagon currently listed on Ebay we're pretty confident the answer is absolutely nothing. » 2/19/11 11:00am 2/19/11 11:00am

The Chevy 350 V8-Powered Scion xB Defies Stereotypes, Logic

As we become a more automotively diverse culture you're bound to see dozens of modded Scions and JDM Nissans with Fairlady badges on one side of town, and some good old boys in their Camaros and small-block powered Novas on the other. Rick, of Whitemarsh, Maryland, has found a way to roll with both crews by dropping a… » 1/25/08 2:45pm 1/25/08 2:45pm

2008 Mercedes SL 350 Embargo Slowly Unravels

Looks like the Italian Spanish stallions over at MotorPasion just couldn't wait until the embargo officially lifted on the new 2008 Mercedes SL 350 — the same car we've only seen unveiled in a Dubai photo shoot. They've gone ahead and posted two press shots of the new SexytimeLight from Mercedes. We've included one… » 1/21/08 7:30am 1/21/08 7:30am