How Many Jalopnik Readers Are Going To Buy A BMW 135i?

Look, stop whining about the no diesel option or lack of body styles and concentrate on what's important. The 135i has the same 3.0-liter twin-turbo inline motivator that BMW conservatively rates at 300 hp. Actual numbers are higher, most likely in the 330 hp range. The 335i weighs a portly 3,660 lbs. and still… » 7/03/07 12:45pm 7/03/07 12:45pm

Audi Robbed Blind: BMW (Nearly) Sweeps International Engine Awards — Again

What's a normally aspirated 4.2-liter direct-injected 420 horsepower V8 with an 8,250 rpm redline gotta do to get a little respect around here? For the ninth year in a row Engine Technology International Magazine has presented their International Engine of the Year Award. In 2005 BMW took down 6 wins, including the… » 5/08/07 7:27pm 5/08/07 7:27pm

Detroit Auto Show: Ford's TwinForce Turbo V6 Delivers Power of a V8

Where have we heard that before? Hmmm...? Was it in Barcelona? Wait, OK, so you take a V6, you strap two-turbos to it.... Europe for sure... Oh, wait, I know. This is exactly what BMW has already done in the 335i. Only, here in FoMoCo's preview, the engine pumps out an awesome 415hp and an even mo'better 400lbs. ft… » 1/07/07 2:38pm 1/07/07 2:38pm

Spy Photos: 2007 BMW 335i Sedan, M-Sport Package

Our buddy Jason points us to new photos of what's likely the 2007 BMW 335i sedan, naked to the world, somewhere in Munich, clad in the M-Sport appearance package. An interior shot indicates some factory tomfoolery regarding some of the controls, along with a few cosmetic tweaks. You already know the 335i gets BMW's… » 7/06/06 12:54pm 7/06/06 12:54pm