A Ferrari 308GTS for $13,500, Some Assembly Required

On the TV show Sweat Equity, Amy Matthews makes DIY home improvement look easy, and looks pretty good herself. Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Ferrari needs some DIY to increase its equity, but will its price make you sweat? » 8/24/10 8:00am 8/24/10 8:00am

PCH, Cheap Ferrari Edition: 365 or 308GTS Plus Bonus Esprit?

Sometimes you need to ask yourself: How bad do I need a Ferrari? Actually, in Project Car Hell, the question goes: How bad can a Ferrari project be? Either way, the problem with Ferraris is that most of them are so expensive that you're spared the torment of actually owning one... that is, until now. We've managed to… » 2/07/08 5:00pm 2/07/08 5:00pm

I Voted No on the 250 GTO

While the Loverman and I agree on a great many things and have quite possibly slept with too many of the same women (all before we knew each other), now and then there is a great schism. DAF vs. FAF, Evo vs. WRX. Killdozer vs. Dave Matthews. Okay, so the last one was a complete and utter lie. But the 250 GTO is… » 7/31/07 6:15pm 7/31/07 6:15pm