For $2,000, Would You Make This V8 Merkur Your Baby?

Having a baby means sleepless nights and changing lots and lots of diapers. The seller of today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Merkur XR4Ti has changed its turbo 2.3 for a carb'd 302, but now needs to make way for his new arrival. Will you find its price worth losing sleep over? » 2/15/12 8:00am 2/15/12 8:00am

2013 Boss 302 Mustang: Gotta Have It Green First Photos

The Detroit Auto Show doesn't open for the press until Sunday but our own Ray Wert managed to pry himself away from his busy schedule of eating Greek salads at Leo's Coney Island to snag these first photos of the Mustang Boss 302 in its new "Gotta Have It Green" paint job. Sometimes it is easy being green. » 1/06/12 12:20pm 1/06/12 12:20pm

California is why you can't get the Boss Mustang TracKey

Ford's Trackey setup for the Mustang Boss 302 promised to unlock the pony car's racing side with special software engaged by a separate key. Yet nearly a year after being announced, Trackey still isn't for sale, thanks to bickering between Ford and California environmental regulators. » 9/22/11 3:30pm 9/22/11 3:30pm