Toyota Corporate Blog Urges You To Buy A Toyota, Then Ride Your Bike

Toyota is taking an unusual step on their Open Road corporate blog by promoting the idea of driving less. At first glance, this would seem oxymoronic, but Toyota is careful not to say "don't buy a Tundra." They're just saying that once you do buy a Tundra, you should leave it parked in your driveway for specialā€¦ » 7/03/08 10:40am 7/03/08 10:40am

Chrysler's $2.99 Gas A Good Deal... For Chrysler

As with other auto media outlets, we've been closely following Chrysler's "Let's Refuel America" program, which is offering three years of $2.99 gas for anyone who buys a Dodge, Jeep or Chrysler vehicle (that isn't a Challenger, Viper, Wrangler, Sprinter Van or other popular vehicles). After a few back-of-the-envelopeā€¦ » 5/07/08 7:30am 5/07/08 7:30am