Volvo Bertone Flashes Italo-Swedish Style On Denver's Boulevards

There's a Volvo 262C parked in a driveway scant blocks from my house; it would be a super-cool DOTS car, but it's off-limits. Not so for the Bertone in ejacobs' neighborhood, which is on the street and set up for easy photography with no other vehicles nearby. These things sold for 15 grand back in the day, well over… »5/06/08 4:00pm5/06/08 4:00pm


Project Car Hell: Fairlane Wagon or Volvo Bertone?

We learned yesterday that two out of three Jalopnik readers surveyed would rather reign in Project Car Hell with a '62 Renault Caravelle than with a '62 Corvair Monza. Which makes perfect sense to us, but what happens when we jack up the admission cost just a touch and make you choose between a chopped Göteborg sedan… »8/08/07 5:30pm8/08/07 5:30pm