Yeehaw It's Texas Day One Over, Mid-Drive Mirage Leads!

Remember the Mid-Drive Crisis Mitsubishi Mirage? They all laughed when it entered the track! Well, nobody is laughing now, because the innovative Mitsu with the mid-mounted driver's seat now sits at the top of the Yeehaw It's Texas LeMons standings! » 9/12/10 12:30am 9/12/10 12:30am

Watch a Day of LeMons BS Inspection In 2 Minutes

I'm too busy to take many photos during a LeMons BS Inspection— the gauntlet through which all entrants must pass in order to prove that they stayed within the $500 budget— when we have 120+ cars. Timelapse video time! » 9/11/10 2:00am 9/11/10 2:00am

Lord Humungus, Clowns, and a TR6: BS Inspection at the Yeehaw It's…

We're back at MSR Houston once again, and the LeMons Supreme Court sweated its way through a super-swampy hot day in Texas. Lots of Taurus SHOs, lots of BMW E36s, a couple of Mustang IIs, and much more! » 9/11/10 1:00am 9/11/10 1:00am