Five Reasons Why You Need To Buy A Nissan 240 SX Right Now

In the late '80s, Nissan decided to revolutionize the sport compact market by introducing the 240SX, an affordable RWD sports car that almost single-handedly made the hot hatch platform obsolete. Here are a few reasons everyone needs to own one. » 7/02/14 8:36pm 7/02/14 8:36pm

The Drift Idiot Finds Out That Drifting Is Hard

Meet the Drift Idiot. He bought a 240SX last month. He's never drifted before and he thinks he can become the Sultan of Slide in one session. It turns out that drifting is kinda hard. » 8/29/12 1:00pm 8/29/12 1:00pm

Bloodmasters Bloodbath Is Here For Your Children

The full video of our favorite drift crew is here. They're the Bloodmasters and they are here with axes and Nissans to tear up Englishtown, New Jersey. » 5/29/12 1:00pm 5/29/12 1:00pm

Miata And 240SX Go Street Drifting

This video is nothing more than a few guys who own the cars that we love, driving for fun with a particular affinity to opposite lock and a blatant disregard for curbs. » 3/29/12 1:00pm 3/29/12 1:00pm

Mad Drifter Tireslays His Driveway

What is New Hampshire for? New Hampshire is for doing dumb shit in the forest, such as burning rubber up and down your hillside driveway in a Nissan missile like pro drifter Ryan Tuerck. » 3/20/12 1:00pm 3/20/12 1:00pm

Proof That You Can't Grind A Nissan Like A Skateboard

Bill Stenger's turn at the Central Florida Racing Complex Mardi Drift festival this past weekend ended in a decisive, if not totally unimpressive, fashion when his Nissan S14 turned a sick rail grind along the track's outer wall. » 3/01/12 3:00pm 3/01/12 3:00pm

Officer Dan Says Don't Try Drifting At Home, Kids!

If you watched all the way through Icon's Motorcycle vs. Car Drift Battle 2 video we posted, you saw one of the cops take a nasty roll during the credits. Icon has thoughtfully brought us the full story of Officer Dan's off-road excursion. » 2/03/12 3:30pm 2/03/12 3:30pm

Drifters Rage Against Society And Undented Sheet Metal

So Ken Block's tidy vehicle preparation and sponsor-safe antics aren't quite your style? New Jersey's least favorite sons, the Bloodmasters, are proud to present their take on drifting: ugly, rude, crude, and a hell of a lot of fun. » 1/17/12 3:30pm 1/17/12 3:30pm

Custom 240SX Crushed As Memorial To Owner's Death

A first-generation Nissan 240SX remain a prize for many enthusiasts who want rear-driving, small-car fun. But after one Florida owner died, his friends disposed of his 240SX in the fashion they say he would have wanted: through a crushing. UPDATED » 12/15/10 3:30pm 12/15/10 3:30pm

1989 Nissan 240SX Inspires Frightening Christie Brinkley Hallucinations

All you need to do with this ad is wait for the protagonist's reaction to the appearance of Christie Brinkley in the passenger seat. » 9/18/10 3:00pm 9/18/10 3:00pm

LeMons Torture Test Results: Nissan 240SX/200SX

Mostly, Nissans haven't fared well in the 24 Hours Of LeMons, but the 240SX and 200SX have been very good- not the fastest car on the track, but one of the most reliable. » 1/17/10 10:00pm 1/17/10 10:00pm

Civic Station Wagon Leading After Day One At The Laissez Les Crapheaps…

The first day of racing is done, and the mechanical carnage has been horrific; LeMons Perpetrator Nick Pon was heard to utter "Dang, looks like a Taurus grenade done went off in the SHO pits! » 6/07/09 2:00am 6/07/09 2:00am

When you're done seeing how these fine machines get around a road course, check out

Welcome To The 240sx Grill

Everyone's favorite Japanese hotrod, the Nissan 240sx, has served roles as diverse as budget drift machine and time attack hero. But did you think it could serve burgers as well as it can toast tire hides? All it needs is your clever caption. Hat tip to Tyler! [JPCN] » 12/10/08 4:40pm 12/10/08 4:40pm

Nissan S13-amino Likes To Drift-o

Even the Japanese have camino envy. Some even want one so much they convert their old Nissans into car-trucks. This guy took an S13 180SX and made it into a "Driftomino." Sure the ride height is too low to go drive through a field, and the bed is only big enough to carry a mini scooter, but it makes up for it with… » 3/17/08 1:30pm 3/17/08 1:30pm

Eyes of Silvia Are Lovely!

Known as the 240SX on these shores, the 1996 Nissan Silvia was apparently pitched in Japan as "car for leadfoot actress with short attention span," if we are to judge by this ad. According to the description on YouTube, the woman is Mai Hosho, and her frenzied statement translates as "Eyes of Silvia are lovely!" » 5/28/07 1:30pm 5/28/07 1:30pm

New York Auto Show: Infiniti G Coupe and EX Concept

Amid the smoke of grilled lunch and some manner of Calder mobile-esque covering, Infiniti revealed the 2008 G Coupe and the EX Concept. The G coupe, also known as the G37, packs a refined version of the already stout VQ-series engine tweaked to churn out 330 hp. Four wheel 4WAS steering returns from the Nissan 240SX… » 4/04/07 6:51pm 4/04/07 6:51pm