The Top 147 Lemons of the Sears Pointless 24 Hours of LeMons

Race Numero Quatro of the 2010 LeMons season left a trail of connecting rods, oil, and bumpers all over Infineon Raceway's once-pristine surface, and we saw our first-ever LeMons Citroën. Want to see the other 146 entries? » 3/13/10 1:00pm 3/13/10 1:00pm

Infineon Day One Finished, F-ed Up E30 Leads

A wild day at the Sears Pointless 24 Hours of LeMons… so wild, in fact, that I couldn't get a complete standings list before the other LeMons carnies hosed out the Tilt-a-Whirl and hopped a freight out of town. » 3/07/10 1:15am 3/07/10 1:15am