A Honda Fit With A Grom In The Back Is Something We Need Yesterday

The NSX and S2000 are great and all, but my all-time favorite Honda may just be the Honda City Turbo, because that was a turbocharged hot hatch with a freaking scooter in the back. Now Honda has revived the idea with a 2015 Fit and a the wonderful Grom mini-cycle, and I want them to shut up and take my money. »11/04/14 4:42pm11/04/14 4:42pm


Finally! The 2015 Honda Fit Configurator is Live

I always loved the Honda Fit. There is just something endearing about the little compact; it has a JDM swagger unmatched by most cars it the class, say for maybe the Cube. You can cram a whole crap-load of stuff in the Fit and it is a hoot to drive in a classic "slow car fast" kind of way. I almost bought one, until… »6/12/14 2:19pm6/12/14 2:19pm

Honda Delays '15 Fit Deliveries, Possibly to Avoid Recall

The all new 2015 Honda Fit was supposed to hit dealerships on April 14, but Honda is holding back deliveries. Initial reviews of the refreshed car has been overwhelmingly positive and it looks to be an evolutionary improvement over the last generation. Consumer Reports has investigated why we are not seeing the 15 Fit… »5/23/14 9:15am5/23/14 9:15am