The DeviantArt Lexus IS 350 F Sport Is Mean As Hell

As part of Lexus' ongoing effort to no longer make cars that are the automotive equivalent of taking a nap, they brought some truly crazy Lexus IS concepts to SEMA this year. But none are as nuts as this concept, which won a DeviantArt contest and netted its designer a very sweet prize. » 11/06/13 10:10am 11/06/13 10:10am

Lexus IS Chief Moans That Europe Wants Wagons But U.S. Wants SUVs

I found the 2014 Lexus IS to be a surprisingly competent sport sedan, so I'm glad to hear that Lexus is planning more variants of the car. That is, if they can figure out which variants to make and for whom. Time to dig up some national stereotypes! » 7/10/13 3:02pm 7/10/13 3:02pm

2014 Lexus IS: The Jalopnik Review

The entry level luxury sport sedan game is mad fierce, y’all. In that segment the Lexus IS has always been the kind of car that finishes solidly in the middle of the pack. With a (mostly) new IS for 2014, Lexus aims to change that. » 5/22/13 3:25pm 5/22/13 3:25pm

I Kissed A 2014 Lexus IS And I Liked It

I am a Lexus hater. Much as I like the original LS400, everything else they make just seems so willfully bland, inoffensive, and characterless. And then there's this new 2014 IS, and…and I think I like it. » 1/15/13 10:45am 1/15/13 10:45am

Here Is A 2014 Lexus IS Wagon

The first generation Lexus IS SportCross was one of my favorite versions of the car. A good looking wagon — I'm not certain what SportCross means — with rear-wheel drive and super awesome Altezza lights was just what the doctor ordered. It was the first Lexus I actively wanted. » 1/11/13 10:00am 1/11/13 10:00am

2014 Lexus IS: This Is It

In Paris, Lexus showed off the LF-CC coupe concept. We immediately knew and said that it was a thinly veiled concept version of the upcoming 2014 Lexus IS. » 1/09/13 9:44am 1/09/13 9:44am