Hennessey Bestows More Power On 2014 Corvette

For those of you who were disappointed a ZR1-equivalent wasn't among the initial offerings for the 2014 Chevrolet Corvette, Hennessey has answered your prayers with Stingray upgrades that boost output at the crank to as much as 600 HP. » 11/04/13 1:15pm 11/04/13 1:15pm

This is not the C7.R

Sorry, kids. Despite what the internet wants you to believe, this isn't the Pratt & Miller 2014 C7.R. Deviant Art user davcrea churned out these renderings back in February. Hot as hell, but not the real deal. » 10/29/13 9:24am 10/29/13 9:24am

The 'Ballet' Behind The 2014 Corvette

Apparently, we're only three days away from seeing what the 2014 Corvette will look like at the North American International Auto Show (unless Jalopnik brings it to you first, which shouldn't be surprising at the rate we've been going.) » 1/10/13 12:40pm 1/10/13 12:40pm

Here's The Scary Lawyer Letter We Got For Posting 2014 Corvette Images

On Monday, we posted pics of the nose and rear of the still unreleased 2014 Corvette. The company who accidentally released those images, supplier Omega Corp., further screwed GM by confirming our exclusive renders and is responding by making a big public apology. » 7/11/12 12:00pm 7/11/12 12:00pm