2014 BMW M6 Gran Coupe: Daaaaaaaamn

There's been a lot of hate on BMW's 560 horsepower four-door coupe. Oh, they already have a four-door sedan. Oh they have too many cars in their lineup. Forget it, this M6 Gran Coupe looks amazing. » 1/15/13 2:20pm 1/15/13 2:20pm

2014 BMW M6 Gran Coupe: It's Official, And We Still Want One

A few days ago, just hours after we showed you the new BMW M6 Gran Coupe, the Bavarians issued a rather long press release about their newest pride. It's not what you would call an exciting read, and we hadn't gotten around to posting the official news because we correctly guessed most of the stats then. Still, we… » 12/17/12 9:30am 12/17/12 9:30am

2014 BMW M6 Gran Coupe: This Is It And We All Want One

The four-door M6 is something BMW would have kept a secret until next year, but as usual, the pictures were leaked. So here it is: your 560 hp four-door gran turismo filled with all the power and luxury you will ever need. » 12/12/12 8:45am 12/12/12 8:45am