The 2014 BMW M3 And M4 Have 'Smokey Burnout Control' Like A Mustang

All of the technical aspects of the 2014 BMW M3 and M4 started trickling out today and the focus has been on the return of the six-cylinder to the M3 and the fact it will still have a six-speed manual, now joined by a dual-clutch transmission. But one noteworthy feature has a fantastic name: "Smokey Burnout Control."… » 12/11/13 3:00pm 12/11/13 3:00pm

2014 BMW M3: Is This It?

It seems like CAR Magazine has managed to get some crisp images of the brand new 2014 BMW M3 before its "concept" version premiers at the Geneva Motor Show in March. While this very yellow car could be just a very good rendering, the fine folks at GT Spirit who snagged an early copy of the magazine think it's real. » 1/22/13 9:00am 1/22/13 9:00am

Listen to the 2014 BMW M3's turbo V6 purr

The most blasphemous objects or experiences in our society are often the most arousing. Will the 2014 BMW M3 really get a bi-/tri-turbo V6? This video from Bimmerpost points in that direction. And we feel dirty watching, but we're not stopping ourselves. » 9/29/11 2:00pm 9/29/11 2:00pm