Kentucky approves tax incentives for the next-gen Corvette

The state of Kentucky has coughed up $7.5 million in tax incentives for a future $131 million expansion of General Motors' Bowling Green plant for the next-generation Corvette. GM, angling for more, continues to play coy with the media. » 4/04/11 11:15am 4/04/11 11:15am

GM Trademarks "Stingray" Name

In May, GM filed a trademark application for the word "STINGRAY" with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for use on "Motor land vehicles, namely, automobiles." Is Chevy transforming the Corvette into a real split-window Stingray for the seventh generation? » 9/01/10 12:45pm 9/01/10 12:45pm

"Sensationalist" Buff Book Fires Back At Corvette Chief Engineer

Within hours of our posting of CorvetteBlogger's video of Corvette Chief Engineer Tadge Juechter eviscerating Automobile magazine, the auto buff book's fired back with a sensational salvo of their own. Their statement below. » 5/10/10 2:30pm 5/10/10 2:30pm

Stingray Concept: Transformers Corvette A High-Tech Hybrid Super Car

Yesterday we had the exclusive opportunity to drive the Corvette Stingray concept, GM's latest Transformers star. With a conceptual hybrid powertrain and iPhone app-like downloads, it represents a merger of GM design and technology from the past, present and future. » 8/13/09 1:59pm 8/13/09 1:59pm