Watch Ford Marketing Chief Jim Farley Explain Why He Loves Jalopnik

Last week at an after-party during the New York Auto Show, a long-time automaker PR professional uttered a maxim of automotive spin I've heard so often it feels like a Tantric mantra: "The cars are the stars." Every time I hear it, I shake my head — because if there's one phrase that sets us apart from every other… » 4/13/12 10:00am 4/13/12 10:00am

Did You Know There Are Other Things Called 'Viper'?

The star of the New York Auto Show is the new Viper. Everyone's talking about it — even more than the new Nissan cab, if you can imagine that. But what's less realized is that there's lots of stuff called "viper" that aren't even cars! Get this — they even named a snake "viper!" » 4/05/12 4:30pm 4/05/12 4:30pm

The UFO On Top Of The New NYC Taxi Will Stop Cabbies From Honking

For an auto show in New York, it makes sense that one of the cars everyone's most interested in is a cab. Specifically, the Nissan "Taxi Of Tomorrow" re-revealed yesterday. And while the design is novel (at least from the perspective of the old Crown Vics), almost everything in it is immediately understandable to cab… » 4/05/12 3:30pm 4/05/12 3:30pm

2013 Shelby 1000: Because Carroll Wants 1000 HP Before He Dies

It's nice to know that there's still car customizers that will make a new model just because. No focus groups, no careful studies, just the very basic idea that some things would just be cool to do. Like making a 1000 HP car that's not a Veyron. Mostly because it's only $250,000. » 4/05/12 2:30pm 4/05/12 2:30pm

Mitsubishi Is One Door Away From Making A Modern Isetta

I'm not livesketching the 2012 New York show show, but I did want to take a moment to sketch something that struck me as very important. Perhaps unwittingly, the Mitsubishi i-MEV Sport Air concept car really, really reminds me of a modernized Isetta. It even has a huge glass front end that would make a perfect door. If … » 4/05/12 12:30pm 4/05/12 12:30pm

World's Most Stereotypical Lamborghini Owner Says He's Seen The…

The Lamborghini SUV is coming. We know this. The exotic Italo-Teutonic already said they'd show one at the Beijing Auto Show, but it's still nice to get confirmation from World's Most Stereotypical Lamborghini Owner, who claims on his Facebook page that he's seen it. » 4/04/12 5:15pm 4/04/12 5:15pm

2013 Mercedes GL: As Big As A German Castle

Need to tow a horse trailer or vintage racer or a fair-sized boat? Think a Suburban is utterly déclassé? Mercedes has you covered, good sir! The refreshed 2013 GL-Class supersized SUV bowed today, offering exactly zero surprises and likely causing ripples of civilized excitement among upper middle class and lower upper… » 4/04/12 3:30pm 4/04/12 3:30pm