2012 Dodge Magnum: First Blurry Photo

This is the 2012 Dodge Magnum — a.k.a. the new Dodge Durango — revealed in a photo taken indoors at what appears to be the Jefferson North plant. Built on the GC Mercedes platform, it looks better with camo. [@AsianMartin] » 7/22/10 11:45am 7/22/10 11:45am

2012 Dodge Magnum Revealed In Patent Drawings, Looks Like An Olds

The next-generation Dodge SUV will probably be called the 2012 Dodge Magnum, instead of Durango, but whatever it's called these patent drawings show it's got a Ram nose, old Viper wheels and an Oldsmobile Bravada roofline. » 2/02/10 2:00pm 2/02/10 2:00pm