2012 Chevy Silverado gets sport, Liz Taylor trim packages

Pickup buyers eyeballing the 2012 Silverado will likely consider Chevy's new Custom Sport Truck package, which bundles some of the most-opted-for stuff in one place. But we also applaud Chevy for thinking outside accepted wisdom and introducing the Liz Taylor White Diamonds package. Oh wait. Nevermind. » 8/29/11 12:30pm 8/29/11 12:30pm

This Is Our Country, This Is Our Truck...And It Will Be For Quite Some Time

General Motors is planning to extend the current product cycle on its full-size trucks and SUVs, the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday. New designs had been expected to come in time for the 2012 model year. However GM spokesperson Tom Wilkinson told the Journal that GM was "looking at the whole product portfolio"… » 6/19/08 9:20am 6/19/08 9:20am