2011 GMC Sierra HD: Like A Silverado HD With A Pretty Mouth

Don't like the looks of the 2011 Silverado HD but still want the stonkin' 765 lb-ft, 397HP Duramax? Try the freshly released 2011 GMC Sierra HD. Same truck, different (and arguably better looking) wrapper. » 3/10/10 11:15am 3/10/10 11:15am

GM To Ford: Let's Trucking Do This Truck-Of-War

The Truck Of War pitting Duramax against Powerstroke has officially heated up with GM telling PickupTrucks.com "Let's Go!" to the offer of an old-fashioned-and-insanely-awesome truck tug-of-war. We'll bring the popcorn. [PickupTrucks.com] » 1/26/10 12:30pm 1/26/10 12:30pm