Audi A3 Concept is the sedan you'll hate to love

Budget-minded enthusiasts like hatchbacks, mostly because they only get one car and they have to make it count. The Audi A3 Concept challenges this preference by dropping all that's lovable about the RS3 hatch into a sleek sedan. » 3/01/11 2:30pm 3/01/11 2:30pm

The Tornante absolves Gumpert of past designs

I've heard the Gumpert Apollo best described as "functionally ugly," which is as apt as it gets. But the Nürburgring-slaughtering Apollo's new, Italian-designed brother, the Gumpert Tornante? You could almost picture it valet-parked next to an Audi. Yes, that Audi. » 3/01/11 12:00pm 3/01/11 12:00pm

Ferrari FF casts a lovely, awkward shadow

Now that we've seen the 612-replacing Ferrari FF up close, its shooting-brake, hatchback, kammback comportment does appear to be an avant garde comment on the two past decades' patent truckification of motoring. Ah, who are we kidding. It's super dope. » 3/01/11 9:16am 3/01/11 9:16am