The Gawker Media Census Numbers Prove It—Someone’s Going to Win an iPad 2, But It’s Probably Not You

That's because so far, only 1,000 Jalopnik readers have shared their feedback with us via the 2011 Gawker Media Census. Maybe it's because 69% of you are distracted by playing driving-related video games. Or perhaps it's because you're out car shopping—85% of responders said they pay attention to the design of cars… »5/11/11 12:00pm5/11/11 12:00pm

Hoons and…Entrepreneurs? Take the 2011 Gawker Media Census and Win an iPad 2

Most things in the car world are undeniable fact. The Mercedes-Benz 300SL should have been the car of choice for Back to the Future. Hoover promised a "chicken in every pot and a WaterCar in every garage." Well, some of those things are debatable, but pure fact is that last year you told us via the Gawker Media Census… »5/04/11 12:00pm5/04/11 12:00pm