More Details On Ford's F-ing New Small Truck

Although broke the story, the bastions of the mainstream car news and rumors at Automotive News has further confirmation this morning we should be expecting to see a smaller-than-F-150 pickup truck built on the F-150 platform sometime in the 2011 calendar year. Although AN's not confirming the name… » 5/19/08 10:20am 5/19/08 10:20am

Ford F-100 Coming In 2011?

The Ford Ranger's just about ready to kick the bucket, gas prices are higher than the dress neckline of a Texas polygamist cult and CAFE standards — well, let's just say they don't leave much room for error on the high side of the gas guzzle range. Sounds like high time Ford announced a new pickup truck, doesn't it?… » 5/12/08 8:15am 5/12/08 8:15am