Newest Cars Top List of's January Winners has cobbled together a list of the top ten fastest and slowest selling cars in the US market these days and, shocker, the best selling cars are largely all-new or recently refreshed. » 2/18/09 5:15pm 2/18/09 5:15pm

RENNTech Wins Mercedes SEMA Tuner Build-Off With Rally-Inspired GLK

The Booth Professionals and 42" Chrome Rims may have rolled home weeks ago, but the voting for the Mercedes SEMA has just ended. What über tuner swayed the most SEMA fans to their tuned hybrid? » 12/04/08 11:00am 12/04/08 11:00am

Inside The RENNTech GLK350 SPEC.R HYBRID Rally-Inspired SEMA Racer

There's something a little insane about getting handed a Mercedes-Benz GLK hybrid » 11/03/08 1:00pm 11/03/08 1:00pm for a build and, instead of creating a lowered and overly-painted custom, trying to duplicate a Pike's Peak Unlimited Class rally racer. But it's that insanity that has always made one of the most entertaining tuning shops out there.…