2010 Lincoln MKZ: Part Three

So the 2010 Lincoln MKZ wears fancier britches, upgrades the interior and it's got all the mechanical upgrades bestowed upon the 2010 Fusion, but who should buy it? » 8/07/09 3:45pm 8/07/09 3:45pm

2010 Lincoln MKZ: Part Two

Yesterday, we told you the freshly renovated and re-focused 2010 Lincoln MKZ is a solid offering in a segment full of solid offerings. Now let's take it apart, piece by piece to find out how it stacks up. » 8/06/09 4:00pm 8/06/09 4:00pm

2010 Lincoln MKZ: Part One

The 2010 Lincoln MKZ inhabits an awkward niche somewhere between badge engineered competitive sedan and aspirational luxury vehicle. We didn't know that segment existed either. » 8/05/09 4:30pm 8/05/09 4:30pm