Hyundai Releases Specs On Genesis Coupe: V6 Hits 310 HP, Turbo Four-Banger Gets 30 MPG

Hyundai has provided a wealth of new details on its upcoming Genesis Coupe »10/31/08 9:30am10/31/08 9:30am, including statements the 2.0-liter turbo four will deliver 210 HP on regular gas and 220 HP on high-test, along with 223 ft-lb of torque at a low, low 2,000 RPM. The kicker, or at least it was until gas dropped down below $3 per gallon, is…

Hyundai Genesis Coupe Spotted In Metro Detroit Looking Yellow

Jalopnik »10/15/08 9:30am10/15/08 9:30am friend Jon snapped this yellow wearing M plates on I-75 in Metro Detroit yesterday. The angle of the photo shows the dramatic side creases found on the 2-door Korean Mustang-mauler, and from the rear three-quarter the car actually looks more like a than its designers would likely care to admit. Kudos for a…

2009 Hyundai Genesis Priced Starting At $33,000, Most Expensive Kimchi Ever

Well, remember yesterday how we talked about the 2009 Hyundai Genesis being a value proposition at a sub-$30,000 price point with a V8? Well, Automotive News is reporting Hyundai Motor America has priced the new Genesis luxury sedan at $33,000 for the V6 version and $38,000 for the V8. Both prices include shipping. Do… »5/28/08 4:00pm5/28/08 4:00pm

2009 Hyundai Genesis Sedan Spied Testing In Ann Arbor With New, Less-Effective Organic Camo

Given that we've seen a lot of the 2009 Hyundai Genesis, you'd think we wouldn't care if one was spotted out on the streets. But thanks to Hyundai's ever-changing grille designs we're actually quite intrigued and are therefore grateful that good ol' "larithmos" over at the Motive Mag forums managed to snap these… »4/16/08 10:00am4/16/08 10:00am