New 2010 Ford Mustang Teaser Shot Reveals The Full Dash

This latest teaser out of Dearborn gives us our best look yet at the dashboard and gauge layout of the 2010 Ford Mustang, showing the more smoothly integrated pods and softer lines of the new model's interior. Expect plenty more of these snippets leading up to the car's unveiling at the LA Auto Show, as we've already… »10/08/08 1:45pm10/08/08 1:45pm


2010 Ford Mustang Interior Revealed; Shows Evolutionary, Not Revolutionary Changes

After getting a clearer look at the 2010 Ford Mustang GT500 »9/10/08 11:00am9/10/08 11:00am yesterday, we just got these perfect spy shots in from the folks at KGP laying out the interior changes for the . If you're having a hard time identifying the differences, don't be shocked, as they're subtle and evolutionary over the outgoing 2009 model.…