2009 Ford Fiesta Engine Specs Announced, Top-Of-The-Line Duratec Hits 118 HP

This morning, Ford continued their excruciatingly slow release of details on the 2009 Ford Fiesta. Today's morsel is the top-of-the-line new Fiesta's Duratec gas engine will be rated at just over 118 HP, good for a 0-to-62 MPH jog in just under 10 seconds, yet still providing a combined fuel economy of 47.9 MPG… »7/11/08 10:40am7/11/08 10:40am

Ford To Announce Plans To Build New Fiesta In Mexico, Wear Sombreros

¡Arriba! The Wall Street Journal is reporting this morning Ford will announce plans later today to build the U.S.-bound new Fiesta microcar somewhere in Mexico. Although Ford's not commenting on the report — other than claiming they'll still be bringing it to market in 2010 and they're not willing to say where it'll… »5/30/08 9:20am5/30/08 9:20am

Ford Fiesta 3 and 5 Door Live And In Color, Retina-Searing Color

Lord almighty these cars are bright in person. Ford went ahead and dropped the real deal Ford Fiesta on us and they went out of their way to slather then in colors the Joker would be very proud of. We're pretty excited by the idea of a compact Ford in the market again, though we don't have confirmation yet on the 5… »3/06/08 10:40am3/06/08 10:40am

Ford Fiesta Three Door Pictures And Details, To Be Called Fiesta For US Market

The release of information regarding the new Ford Fiesta, the latest global small car platform from Ford, brings lots of good news. First, the new Fiesta maintains all of the kinetic design language from the Ford Verve concepts. Second, it'll be available just about everywhere Ford makes cars, with production in… »2/14/08 6:01pm2/14/08 6:01pm