Chevy Spark: Little Green Machine Officially Gets New Name In Geneva

Yup, the little green machine once called the Chevy Beat's now officially the Chevy Spark and it's been un-unveiled at the Geneva airport. Very little in the way of news in the press release below. » 3/02/09 9:32am 3/02/09 9:32am

Chevy Spark Headed To Geneva

GM teased the Beat-inspired Chevy Spark on the Today Show. Then GM showed nothing at the Detroit Auto Show. Now we're told the new super-mini will instead debut at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show. » 2/10/09 10:31am 2/10/09 10:31am

2010 Chevy Spark: Because GM Needs More Electricity

That "Chevy Beat" Matt Lauer lifted the skirt on last week? Turns out it's the 2010 Chevy Spark. And unlike it's charged-up brother, it's not electric. It is, however, headed to tomorrow's Detroit Auto Show. » 1/10/09 8:00pm 1/10/09 8:00pm