BMW 5-Series GT: First Press Photos Reveal Seriously Big Butt

BMW plans for boosting and lifting automotive rear ends continue with the BMW 5-Series GT. While we already saw the concept in Geneva, these are the first official shots of the production version, set to debut at September's Frankfurt Motor Show and go on sale in early 2010. » 5/21/09 9:45am 5/21/09 9:45am

2010 BMW 5-Series GT Design Sketches

What kind of drunken mess occurred in the creation of the 2010 BMW 5-Series GT? The sketches below indicate the Concept CS, X6 and 5-Series mated to create this carefully designed mutant love child. » 2/17/09 2:00pm 2/17/09 2:00pm

BMW 5-Series GT Concept Officially Shows Off Flexible Rear

Once Herr Bangle moved his posterior out of the way, we got a good look at the 2009 BMW 5-Series GT Concept. Now we've got the full photos and pictures. » 2/13/09 4:00pm 2/13/09 4:00pm

BMW 5-Series GT Concept: Giving Bangle's Rear A Lift

Our friends at BMWblog got photos from the preview of the 2009 BMW 5-Series GT Concept prior to its official debut in Geneva. Thankfully Bangle finally moved aside so we can show the new design. » 2/12/09 10:25pm 2/12/09 10:25pm

2010 BMW 5-Series GT: Bangle Knows How To Tease

The BMW PAS Concept, soon to be BMW 5-Series GT, will officially bow at the Geneva Motor Show. Until then, Chris Bangle is happy to tease the Bimmerphiles at BMWBlog with this "teaser" shot. » 2/12/09 7:53pm 2/12/09 7:53pm