Woodward Dream Cruise Makes Google Street View

Google put a camera car into last years Woodward Dream Cruise and now the day's images are mixed in with the regular Street View scenery along Detroit's main drag. See if you can find the guy flipping off the camera. » 3/31/10 4:00pm 3/31/10 4:00pm

Is There A Future For American Motoring?

The Dream Cruise was astounding-not merely the cars, but because cars were celebrated during a time of economic instability, environmental worries, and changing definitions of personal mobility. So what's the future of the Dream Cruise-and auto enthusiasts in general? » 8/18/09 6:00pm 8/18/09 6:00pm

Badvertising Of The Woodward Dream Cruise

The Woodward Dream Cruise attracted over one million cruisers and car-obsessed nuts. That's a lot of eyes for advertisers to drool over. While some pitches were good, many were not. Here's some of the worst. We call it "Badvertising." » 8/18/09 12:00pm 8/18/09 12:00pm

Cops Cruise Woodward Avenue On Nerd Chariots

The Segway was the high-water mark of nerd-tastic transportation until the T3 Motion three-wheeled chariot came along. The local police had 'em to patrol this weekend's Woodward Dream Cruise. And believe us, nobody respected their authority. Gallery below. » 8/17/09 3:30pm 8/17/09 3:30pm

Circuit-Covered Cruiser Looks Like A Computer Vomited

Easily one of the oddest and most time-consuming art cars we've seen at the Woodward Dream Cruise is "THIS IS CARPUTER," a Ford Escort with thousands of square inches of silicon circuit boards glued to it. » 8/17/09 1:30pm 8/17/09 1:30pm

We were expecting a partridge in a pear tree somewhere in there.

The Right Way to Drive a Smart Car at the Woodward Dream Cruise

While the Smart is a road car, the Woodward Dream Cruise is definitely not where it was designed to travel. There is, however, a way to pull off the most unlikely trick of cruising in one here. » 8/17/09 10:00am 8/17/09 10:00am

How Big Is The Woodward Dream Cruise?

Despite 1.1 million attendees and 250,000 classic cars along 14 miles of metro Detroit roadway, the Woodward Dream Cruise rarely makes top lists of major world-wide auto events. A helicopter's necessary to reveal the massiveness. Luckily, we've got one. » 8/17/09 8:00am 8/17/09 8:00am

Woodward Dream Cruise Tragically Misinterprets Ozone Action Day

Hundreds of thousands of metro Detroiters came out today with their muscle cars to the Woodward Dream Cruise, misinterpreting today's "ozone action day" declaration by the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG), believing ozone must be destroyed. [DetroitNews] » 8/15/09 7:15pm 8/15/09 7:15pm

Woodward Dream Cruise: Challenger Smokes Tires For America

We’ve already shown you the general pace of the cruise, it's comparable to a person walking. Click through for a video of what happens when a gap opens up on Woodward Avenue. » 8/15/09 6:30pm 8/15/09 6:30pm

Army Invades Dream Cruise, Fills Tank At Speedway

It's both massively cool and somewhat disconcerting to see a seemingly military-spec truck filling up at a public gas station in a region that’s not occupied by an army... yet. » 8/15/09 4:40pm 8/15/09 4:40pm

World's Largest Cupcake Revealed At Woodward Dream Cruise

The Guinness Book of World Records just delivered the award for the world's largest baked cupcake here at the Woodward Dream Cruise. The confection tipped the scales at 1500lb and had to be carried by forklift. » 8/15/09 3:55pm 8/15/09 3:55pm

Woodward Dream Cruise: Riding Down Woodward In Bumblebee

“Phyllis,” our Transformers Camaro, is equipped with a sunroof. Here’s what the view is like cruising down Woodward. Click through for video. » 8/15/09 3:10pm 8/15/09 3:10pm

A Different Kind of Horse Trailer

Sometimes, a single Mustang just won’t cut it—but driving two is far beyond the reach of human anatomy. Click through to see a gallery for a solution to this maddening problem: a Mustang and a half. » 8/15/09 1:15pm 8/15/09 1:15pm

Woodward Dream Cruise: A Plague Upon All Your Movie Houses

Awesome as the Woodward Dream Cruise is, many businesses on Woodward Avenue harbor a Biblical hate for it in their hearts. The marquee of the Magic Bag theater in fabulous Ferndale is going all Old Testament on us. [DetroitNews] » 8/15/09 12:00pm 8/15/09 12:00pm

Woodward Dream Cruise: Show Us Your Pics!

We've shown you what we're cruising in at this year's Woodward Dream Cruise, but now it's time for you to show us yours. Add a shot of your cruiser in the comments below or alternately, use Twitter! » 8/15/09 9:45am 8/15/09 9:45am

Woodward Dream Cruise: Good Morning From Woodward!

Jalopnik’s Euro-flavored team is already here on Woodward. Keeping with our theme of driving a movie car at the Woodward Dream Cruise, we’ll be cruising in a Transformers logo-emblazoned Camaro after driving Knight Rider's KITT last year. » 8/15/09 9:00am 8/15/09 9:00am

Woodward Dream Cruise: What You May Have Missed Last Night

If you're here in Metro Detroit and weren't on Woodward, then you, our friend, missed out. We were there and so was Detroit's ABC affiliate. Here's their video of what Woodward looked like. My god, it's full of cars! [WXYZ] » 8/15/09 8:45am 8/15/09 8:45am