Ad Agency Sued Over Toyota Matrix Prank Marketing

Remember the prank-based Toyota Matrix marketing from last year? Amber Duik sure does. She's suing Saatchi, Toyota's out-going ad agency, after their "pranks" made her believe a criminal and his pit bull were heading for her house. » 10/02/09 10:45am 10/02/09 10:45am

JD Power: Hyundai Genesis Highest-Ranked Newly-Launched Vehicle

The 2009 Hyundai Genesis ranks highest in launch performance among vehicle models introduced during the first ten months of 2008, according to J.D. Power and Associates' 2009 Vehicle Launch Index released today. Hyundai? Yes, Hyundai. » 7/22/09 10:00am 7/22/09 10:00am

IIHS: PT Cruiser Most Dangerous New Small Car In America

The Insurance Institute For Highway Safety has retested the most popular small cars in America and the good news is they're getting safer. The bad news comes if you own a PT Cruiser. » 12/17/08 3:30pm 12/17/08 3:30pm

2009 Toyota Matrix Ad Campaign Prank Oriented

We were lured to Toyota's 2009 Matrix website by way of flash video ad featuring an old lanky black man in a suit wearing tin foil shoes talking about aliens. That seems to have been sane for the marketing Toyota is using for online promotion of its new miniwagon. The site is based primarily around… » 3/13/08 11:20am 3/13/08 11:20am

2009 Pontiac Vibe Revealed On Video

Despite still being a few hours away from the official reveal, the folks at the General have graciously dropped some video clips of the new 2009 Pontiac Vibe onto a public web site, so we've decided to go ahead and run them. The video gives us a bit more of a look at the new Vibe-rator than the one press shot we've… » 11/06/07 12:05pm 11/06/07 12:05pm

2009 Toyota Matrix Unveiled...and Pimped

UPDATE: The new 2009 Toyota Corolla was also unveiled — all the shots are here. In addition to the over-pimped 2009 Toyota Corolla we saw a few minutes ago, the Toyota folks also unveiled an over-pimped 2009 Toyota Matrix. Yes, this is the new Matrix, only in an options-addition mode. We're waiting on Bumbeck's shots… » 10/31/07 2:00pm 10/31/07 2:00pm

2009 Toyota Matrix...Again, Sorta

Not only is the new 2009 Toyota Corolla dressed up as a spooky ghost here at SEMA, but so's its platform-prostitute lifemate, the 2009 Toyota Matrix. That's right, Toyota's continuing the dressed-up-as-a-ghost Halloween theme as here's the new and soon-to-be revealed Toyota Matrix looking all ghoulishly adorable… » 10/30/07 1:45pm 10/30/07 1:45pm

The 2009 Toyota Matrix Is A Scary Ghost

We told you yesterday that Toyota plans to reveal the new-for-2009 Matrix at SEMA on the last day of October. What we didn't see was the press shot accompanying the release. That would be the boo-tiful shot above of the new '09 Matrix all dressed up to go trick-or-treating in Las Vegas on the occasion of its Halloween… » 9/27/07 1:00pm 9/27/07 1:00pm