2010 Toyota Camry Fuel Economy Increased To 33 MPG, Matches Chevy Malibu

The newly-revealed 2010 Toyota Camry's fuel economy officially increased to 33 MPG, matching the previous high-mileage champs, the Chevy Malibu, Saturn Aura and Pontiac G6. Well, that was a fun race, wasn't it? [Kicking Tires] » 1/27/09 8:40am 1/27/09 8:40am

2009 Pontiac G6 Coupe

That's right folks, Bucky the beaver is back. The boys from KGP just caught this lightly covered 2009 Pontiac G6 Coupe ( Or is it the 2010 Pontiac G6 Coupe? Who knows? ) out on the city streets bucking convention and the recent MotorTrend article proclaiming it's demise. As you can see, the new G6 coupe's getting umm… » 5/30/08 7:42am 5/30/08 7:42am