2009 Pontiac G3 Officially Coming To U.S. Market...Just Because

We brought you the rumor here first » 9/18/08 12:01am 9/18/08 12:01am, then we were told it , and then back on, but now it's official — Pontiac G3 will be headed to the United States as a 2009 model year five-door hatchback. Yes, folks, GM's decided the was just so nice, they couldn't let Chevy have all the fun, now foisting the rebadged Korean…

2009 Pontiac G3 Heading North?

The forum fan-boys over at GMInsideNews were rooting around the EPA's always-helpful fueleconomy.gov site, and found an interesting entry with fuel economy numbers for something called a "2009 Pontiac G3" and "2009 Pontiac G3 Hatchback." Wait, what? We knew all about the rest of the G-whatever lineup, and we know… » 5/28/08 8:00am 5/28/08 8:00am