2009 Lincoln MKS, First Drive

When the powers-that-be over here at Jalopnik asked me to test drive a car for you boys, I was pretty excited. Finally, I thought, Jalopnik is learning to respect a woman's automotive point of view. And then Ray told me it was going to be the 2009 Lincoln MKS. Hmm. I'll admit, I have a bias against big cars that dates… » 6/03/08 1:45pm 6/03/08 1:45pm

2009 Lincoln MKS AWD, Lounging In Suburbia

Looks like reader James Kenney is in a prime location for catching first glimpses of new Ford products. After bringing us a look at that first picture of the 45th Anniversary Ford Mustang, the most over-the-top OMG-amazing-drop-dead-sexy Mustang variant since the one before it, he's managed to spot an actually sexy… » 5/23/08 1:40pm 5/23/08 1:40pm

2009 Lincoln MKS Already Busted Up

When out and about this weekend, we stumbled across the new hotness from the Dearborn gang: the 2009 Lincoln MKS. Too bad it's already old and busted. Somebody made a boo-boo on the lower intake of the pretty-in-pearl M-plated car and for some reason attached a tow bar in the wound. In any case, this is the first one… » 3/31/08 12:40pm 3/31/08 12:40pm