Vitor Meira's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Indy 500

Vitor Meira had a pretty rough Indianapolis 500. His car went up in a fireball, and he returned on the lead lap only to get involved in the days most spectacular crash. Roll the videos! » 5/26/09 2:30pm 5/26/09 2:30pm

Helio Castroneves Cries Victorious Tears

From a rumored affair to actual tax evasion charges, things have been a little rough for Helio Castroneves. Top it off with your third Indy 500 win and things get, well, emotional. » 5/26/09 1:30pm 5/26/09 1:30pm

Indy 500: Vitor Meira Crash Introduces Sideways Retaining Wall Racing

We haven't gotten decent images yet, but if you missed it, Vitor Meira, who returned to the field after a near-flambe, got tangled with Raphael Matos, his car flipped backwards, landed on its side pod and slid along the wall for about a quarter mile before landing upright. Unbelievable. » 5/24/09 4:24pm 5/24/09 4:24pm

Indy 500: Davey Hamilton Hits The Wall In Turn Four

Turn four at the Indy 500 is turning into a graveyard as Davey Hamilton has hit the wall following similar crashes from Graham Rahal, Ryan Hunter-Reay and Robert Doornbos (who kissed the wall after some 150 MPH reverse lock correction). We're 90 laps in and under green once again. » 5/24/09 2:42pm 5/24/09 2:42pm

Camaro Pace Cars Have Brake Weights, Crazy Wheel Imbalance

You might think the General would have addressed the brake weights added to the Chevy Camaro's squealing calipers for their Indy 500 pace cars. You'd be wrong, because these have those plus a ton of weights for actual wheel balancing. » 5/24/09 8:00am 5/24/09 8:00am