Late Night With Conan O'Brien Hits Detroit Auto Show

Conan O'Brien took a crew to the Detroit Auto Show to continue the havoc we started. A man of his height sure puts the size of the Lotus Elise into perspective. » 1/22/09 4:30pm 1/22/09 4:30pm

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Booth Professionals Of The 2009 Detroit Auto Show

Despite the downturn in the auto industry, this year's Detroit Auto Show bore an incredible number of very knowledgeable booth professionals. Yes, they answered our questions, but they also got in some of our pictures. » 1/16/09 4:45pm 1/16/09 4:45pm

Naked Jalopnik: The Meanest Thing We Did At The Detroit Auto Show

Much like our comrades over at Gizmodo, we believe no trade show is complete without a little mischief. Here's ours for the 2009 Detroit Auto Show. » 1/16/09 4:15pm 1/16/09 4:15pm

"Where's Waldo" Prize Winners Crowned

When we announced the "Where's Waldo" competition earlier, we expected everyone to stay occupied for quite some time. WilliamG and his cohorts however found him quickly and now we announce their prizes. » 1/16/09 2:40pm 1/16/09 2:40pm

Where's Waldo: Win A Bag Of Detroit Auto Show Swag

Our swag bag overfloweth after this years Detroit Auto Show, and as a way to lighten our load, we've devised a devilish new game to give it away, hunting for the ever elusive Waldo. » 1/16/09 12:30pm 1/16/09 12:30pm

Jalopnik "Hacks" Chrysler Concept UConnect In-Car Internet Service,…

Chrysler debuted their HAL 9000-like next-gen Uconnect system in the Chrysler 200C Concept and it proved to be an impressive piece of tech. It's so impressive that we, uh-hem, had to "hack" it. » 1/16/09 9:35am 1/16/09 9:35am

VIDEO: Jalopnik Nearly Runs Over Senator Bob Corker

Senator Corker, main man against the automaker bailout plan, and his security detail, are not amused as we nearly careen into them with our Mobile Command Center at the Detroit Auto Show. » 1/15/09 6:00pm 1/15/09 6:00pm

The 11 Most Depressing Moments Of The 2009 Detroit Auto Show

Just because we had fun at the Detroit Auto Show doesn't mean there weren't somber moments. In fact, most moments were. Here are the 11 most depressing moments from the 2009 Detroit Auto Show. » 1/15/09 2:05pm 1/15/09 2:05pm

What Comes Out When You Crack Open A 2010 Ford Taurus?

After seeing this shot from MSNBC of Ford of the Americas president Mark Fields on-screen above a split-open Ford Taurus, we knew we had the perfect choice for another round of "Caption This." [via MSNBC] » 1/15/09 12:30pm 1/15/09 12:30pm

PopMech Throws Down Top Ten Detroit Auto Show Reveals...Ever!

The Carpocalypse stole much of the glitz and glamor from this year's Detroit Auto Show. Popular Mechanics takes a look back with a list of the ten best Detroit reveals of all time. [Popular Mechanics] » 1/14/09 10:30am 1/14/09 10:30am

First Drive: 2010 Ford SVT Raptor...Video Game Simulator

Ford hasn't allowed to actually drive the 2010 F-150 SVT Raptor, though our main man, Wert, was driven around in the Vegas desert. That all changed this week at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show. Sorta. » 1/14/09 10:00am 1/14/09 10:00am

The Top Ten Photo Galleries Of The 2009 Detroit Auto Show

Auto shows always yield a wealth of new models, technology, and ideas, and the 2009 Detroit Auto Show was no exception. Here are the top ten photo galleries from the show. » 1/13/09 7:00pm 1/13/09 7:00pm

Drinkin' in Detroit: Domestic Brand Bar Versus Foreign

Fun as the Detroit Auto Show can be, it's exhausting. After the day ends, all you really want to do is drink. Last night we test drove some automaker bars for fun. » 1/13/09 6:30pm 1/13/09 6:30pm

The Top Ten Concept Interiors Of The 2009 Detroit Auto Show

The 2009 Detroit Auto Show was lacking on the show's "concept" side, focusing on production cars capable of surviving the Carpocalypse. Still, there were some highlights — these were the ten best interiors. » 1/13/09 6:00pm 1/13/09 6:00pm

Jalopnik Exclusive Interview With VW's Max The Beetle

We decided to turn the tables on Max the Beetle, star of Volkswagen's "Das Auto" ads, and interview him to see what he thinks of the 2009 Detroit Auto Show. » 1/13/09 5:40pm 1/13/09 5:40pm

The Top Ten 2009 Detroit Auto Show Cars We Most Want To Drive

It's all well and good unveiling hybrid after hybrid, but cars we want to drive are the fun ones. Here's the top ten cars from the Detroit Auto Show we most want to drive. » 1/13/09 5:00pm 1/13/09 5:00pm