2009 Mopar Drift Dodge Challenger Slides Into SEMA

In an attempt to expand the appeal of the 2009 Dodge Challenger »11/05/08 1:00pm11/05/08 1:00pm to every corner of the automotive enthusiast world, Chrysler has unveiled the Mopar Drift Dodge Challenger that will be piloted by Samuel Hübinette during the 2009 Formula Drift season. In order to prep the car for FD, the Challenger dropped a significant…

2009 Challenger Brochure Hits Web, Gives Us A 70s Flashback

The brochure for the new 2009 Dodge Challenger has hit the automotive webosphere and Mopar-mad fan-boys are drooling over an item we think will be an instant classic. The car? At this point, unknown. But the brochure will totally hit the "Found on EBay" pages shortly. That's because Dodge has created a gorgeous piece… »6/30/08 8:20am6/30/08 8:20am

2009 Dodge Challenger S/E: A Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name

I was wandering around the floor of the New York auto show yesterday afternoon, trying to find a free scone. No, I was looking for automotive inspiration to break the second-day malaise. I never did find the scone, but I did stumble on the 2009 Dodge Challenger S/E up on its dais. I've been thinking of nothing else… »3/21/08 1:45pm3/21/08 1:45pm