AC Schnitzer BMW X6 Proves You Can Make The X6 Look Worse

The tuners and tunettes at AC Schnitzer have turned their wrenches toward the 2009 BMW X6, BMW's unique Sports Activity Coupe. When we reviewed the Bimmer, making it look stranger with visual tweaks wasn't high on the list of things we were hoping someone would change. That didn't seem to deter AC Schnitzer, who added… »7/28/08 12:00pm7/28/08 12:00pm

Journalist Combines X6 And Deer With Disastrous Results

While Wes was flogging his 2009 BMW X6 around South Carolina, a journalist for the Toronto Star managed to make witnessed an impromptu test of the Bimmer's safety features after colliding nearly head-on with a deer. Maybe he was driving on the wrong side of the road (crazy Canadians). Of course, if you've ever driven… »4/15/08 1:00pm4/15/08 1:00pm

BMW Assist, Google Maps Introduce "MyInfo" Service For New Big-Ass X6

BMW's teaming up with everyone's favorite mapping monopoly, Google Maps, to bring a new addition to the BMW Assist Safety Plan. It's called "MyInfo," and it's a service which, in addition to sounding hip and techie-cool through deletion of the spaces in the name, will allow BMW Assist subscribers to send business… »4/12/08 1:30pm4/12/08 1:30pm

2009 BMX X6 Officially Revealed, Shows Off Bootylicious Rear End

Yes friends, here it is. Officially. Not just video, and no longer merely just a concept. For serious. Now that the embargo's dropped thanks to the Brits at AutoCar, we're now comfortable showing you all the pictoral details on BMW's newest cross-coupe with the bangin' big butt of a back-end — in both petrol and… »12/16/07 12:01am12/16/07 12:01am