BMW M3 Gets Face Lift For 2009, Now With 10% Less Ugly

The leaky sieve over at BMW has let slip official photos of the 2009 BMW M3 sedan and coupe. Both the E90 and E92 benefit from the 2009 BMW 3-series facelift, which means the bumpers, lights and interiors are cleaned up to make them a little less awkward. While this will probably really piss off people who just paid… » 7/29/08 1:10pm 7/29/08 1:10pm

Facelift On 2009 BMW 3-Series Officially Minor

We're struggled to spot the differences between the beaten-with-a-broom-handle good looks of the 2008 BMW 3-series sedan and wagon and the just-revealed facelift of the 2009 BMW 3-Series sedan and wagon. We've actually been struggling since the first spy photos revealed tape over the changed body parts. Now, after an… » 7/11/08 9:20am 7/11/08 9:20am

2009 BMW 335d Diesel Testing In U.S., Features Bluetec-Style Peeburner

Reports that the US market will be getting the new diesel BMW 3-series have gained additional credibility with this 2009 BMW 335d sedan spotted testing on our shores. It's no secret that modern European turbo diesels are wonders of efficiency and low-end torque; the BMW oilburner is no different, producing 425 lb-ft… » 6/24/08 10:00am 6/24/08 10:00am