Shelby GT500KR Road Trip, Chapter IV: Death Valley Car Spy Photographers Are NOT Fooled By Manufacturer Plates

It was the Wert-spotting »8/28/08 2:40pm8/28/08 2:40pm by reader Nick outside the Shelby HQ gave us an idea for our run through Death Valley yesterday on our . Would the car spies spending the summer months in the Valley of non-Life find the GT500KR with manufacturer plates a compelling enough target to shoot — perhaps thinking it to be some kind…


Shelby GT500KR Road Trip, Chapter III: Fresh Alien Jerky Is Much Better Than, You Know, Cow Jerky

Actually, we realized at some point it was "Alien" brand »8/27/08 1:28am8/27/08 1:28am beef jerky, but you know, for like a minute there...we thought we were gonna dig into some extraterrestrial hide. But, we still thought it worthy of a shot. We're almost to Vegas — we'll save any more updates until the morrow. Baker, CA 187.5 Miles 5 Hours, 9…

Shelby GT500KR Road Trip, Chapter II: What's Your Favorite Beef Jerky?

As one noted member of the auto press guild told me today, "you can't have a Mustang road trip without beef jerky." He's right. I went with the Carne Asade — what about you? Although I pulled over for the jerky, it was nice to give my ass a moment of relief from the pains of the road. The Shelby GT500KR's got a… »8/26/08 9:54pm8/26/08 9:54pm

Shelby GT500KR Road Trip, Chapter I: Ready, Set, Buy A Whole Lot Of Crap And Go!

Well, we're about to take off »8/26/08 5:40pm8/26/08 5:40pm on our outside of Los Angeles and we decided we needed to stock up on supplies first. We've got what we're bringing for the trip below the jump. Let us know if we forgot anything. Remember, we need to make it through Death Valley — a place we've never been to, but Brenda Priddy says is a…

2008 Shelby GT500KR Hits The Dyno, Gets 50 More Horses Than Ford Claims

The ponycar fanboys at 5.0 Mustangs and Super Fords took a Shelby GT500KR press car, strapped it down on a Dynapack chassis dyno, hit the gas and recorded a monster 509 HP and 467.7 lb-ft of torque. When you factor in driveline losses, that means the King of the Road is putting out 590 HP and 550 lb-ft. That's… »7/16/08 2:20pm7/16/08 2:20pm