The Making Of The Pontiac G8 "Spy Hunter" Commercial, Or...

...there's another headline we could have used for this exclusive look at the making of the new Pontiac "Spy Hunter" commercial — "How Leo Burnett Got It's Groove Back." After the disaster that was the Cadillac Escalade Super Bowl commercial a couple years back, that's exactly what this ad — and the "Hot Wheels"… »5/01/08 12:35pm5/01/08 12:35pm


Pontiac G8 GT Stock Runs 13-Second Quarter-Mile, Are Those Paper Plates?

When we first saw this video of the new 2008 Pontiac G8 GT running a 13.12 quarter-mile at 106.65 MPH we thought, "Wow, that's kind of fast." It's even faster if you consider that this appears to be an automatic version making its first pass. If you go deeper into the video you'll notice the lack of plates and that… »4/02/08 11:00am4/02/08 11:00am