2008 Cobra Jet Mustang Brings The Noise At SEMA

In addition to the Raptor pickup » 11/04/08 10:50am 11/04/08 10:50am, Ford will be unveiling its latest purpose-built drag racer, the 2008 Mustang Cobra Jet. The Cobra Jet, also known as the FR500CJ, is an attempt by the Dearborn, MI-based automaker to expand its offerings of racing pony cars. The Cobra Jet gets a beefed up 5.4-liter V8 with a cold air…

Anatomy Of A Ford Mustang Drift Racer

We caught up with professional drifter Vaughn Gittin Jr. and had him walk us around his Ford Mustang to show us what makes his trick drift car tick. Not only did we get a close-up look at the machine, he even took us for a quick spin around some cones conveniently placed in the parking lot. This was our second time… » 8/27/08 1:15pm 8/27/08 1:15pm

2008 Ford Mustang Bullitt, Part Three

Why you should buy the 2008 Ford Mustang Bullitt:
You don't care if other people think you're cool; you know you're cool. If you want a job done right you think you have to do it yourself. You've got a bad habit of getting into car chases that end in fiery explosions. You were alive when the movie I'm alluding to… » 7/17/08 12:00pm 7/17/08 12:00pm

2008 Ford Mustang Bullitt, Part Two

Exterior Design: *****
The 2008 Ford Mustang Bullitt isn't just a series of minor enhancements. Although the differences between the GT are subtle, they're numerous — starting with the badge delete option and Highland Green paint, a large black grille rimmed with a satin piece of chrome that hints at the car's unique… » 7/16/08 12:00pm 7/16/08 12:00pm

2008 Ford Mustang Bullitt, Part One

I managed to drive nearly one thousand miles across Texas in a 2008 Ford Mustang Bullitt without running over a cow, getting in a gunfight or playing a single hand of high stakes poker. How? If you've never been, the Texas in your head is a rugged place with sun-drenched highways stretching across a flat endless plain… » 7/15/08 12:30pm 7/15/08 12:30pm

Fast And Furious 4 Mustang Built Live For Auto Show Crowd

If you're like us, you're waiting for the next Fast and Furious movie with bated breath. And since plot and dialogue are of decreasing importance to the series, they're already trotting out cars for the next installment. An early example is a heavily modified 2008 Mustang put together by the folks at Stangpede Mustang. … » 1/22/08 1:45pm 1/22/08 1:45pm

Top Gear's Pat Devereux Hearts the New 2008 Ford Bullitt

While I've yet to drive the new Bullitt Mustang, I've definitely heard good things about it from some very good people. Heck, even Phil Floraday over at the Road that is ever-Winding gives it a thumbs up. Chalk up one more thumbs-up from an auto writer as Top Gear magazine's Pat Devereux had this to say about the new… » 12/27/07 12:15pm 12/27/07 12:15pm

2008 Ford Mustang First-Ever Convertible To Get Five-Star Crash Rating

The drop-top 2008 Ford Mustang just did what many have said was impossible — they became the first convertible (of any kind) to ever receive a five-star safety rating in all NHTSA NCAP tests. Who knew the Mustang was both a muscular equine stud and a safety stud? Now if only they can figure out how to get that turning… » 10/04/07 12:30pm 10/04/07 12:30pm

StangNet Lifts Skirt On 2008 Bullitt Mustang!

The deets on the 2008 Mustang Bullitt edition have already made their way to the internet by way of Mustang Evolution, the engine made it up online via StangsNet and now it would seem the sneaky-sneaks at StangNet have decided to one-up their Mustang-loving counterparts with some sneaky up-skirt spy shots of the next… » 9/19/07 5:45pm 9/19/07 5:45pm