Abarth-Tuned Fiat 500 Revealed

Our impromptu review of the 2007 Fiat 500 revealed few weaknesses in the little car but chief among them was the less than satisfying engine performance. Well, now Abarth has announced production for an up-powered version of the reborn Cinquecento. The 1.4-liter gas engine gets a turbo to bump the power from 100 bhp… » 2/18/08 8:30am 2/18/08 8:30am

2008 Fiat 500

A tour of Germany wouldn't be complete without test-driving some of Europe's forbidden fruits, now would it? In our case we just couldn't pass on the opportunity to sample Fiat's new retro mobile, the reborn Cinquecento. The Bamberg Fiat dealer was more than willing to let us grab the keys for a trip around the block… » 12/31/07 12:00pm 12/31/07 12:00pm