The 2009 Corvette ZR1 is Coming! So Sayeth Hennessey, Reveals 678 HP…

Somehow we think maybe the 2009 Corvette ZR1 pre-Detroit Auto Show embargo will be lifting sometime very soon. It's the only explanation we can come up with for why Nissan felt compelled to have an embargo on the 2009 GTR's Z06-beating Edmunds Inside Line 0-60 test lift late last night. OK, maybe that was just a freak… » 12/19/07 2:30am 12/19/07 2:30am

Motive Viper Video Will Break Your Jaw

Stu Fowler over at Motive was caring enough to let us upload this simply wikkid video they put together of the 600 HP SRT10 Viper. For those of us who grew up watching Motor Trend TV on public access (or whatever) and then got cable and saw Clarkson and friends hooning cars around an abandoned air strip, Motive's » 9/20/07 9:45am 9/20/07 9:45am

The 600 HP 2008 Dodge Viper SRT10 Is A Steal Starting At $83,145!

Wowzers! DragTimes just got themselves the details on pricing for the new 600 HP 2008 Dodge Viper SRT10 roadster and coupe. Here's the scoop — $83,145 for the 2008 Dodge Viper SRT10 Roadster and $83,895 for the 2008 Dodge Viper SRT10 Coupe. That's a helluva lot of horses for a helluva lot of cheap. [DragTimes]

» 8/03/07 11:00pm 8/03/07 11:00pm