2008 Chevy HHR SS In Black Gives Us A "Show", But Can The Car Also "Go"?

One of us likes his cars black, the same way he likes his coffee. But the black Chevy HHR SS we spotted at the HHR SS reveal yesterday and that we've got pictured up above and in the gallery below — may have some "Go" to go along with the "Show." You see, this particular tester is the actual prototype HHR SS the GM… »8/17/07 11:30am8/17/07 11:30am

Bob Lutz On The Chevy HHR SS: "Muscle Car Performance...That Goes Like Hell"

"Maximum" Bob Lutz, the vice chairman for the General, got in front of the camera to talk a bit about his new baby — the Chevy HHR SuperSport — the same HHR esh-esh we revealed last night via press photos, and we'll be on hand for at the live unveiling later today. The lead product man for GM had us riveted with his… »8/16/07 8:45am8/16/07 8:45am

GM To Show Off Transformers, Other Classic Cars Of The Stars At Woodward Dream Cruise

If you didn't get the opportunity to get all up in Bumblebee's grille the last time the General brought the cars from the Transformers live-action movie out into the summer sun's glare — you'll get another shot live at the Woodward Dream Cruise next weekend at Athens Coney Island on Woodward Avenue. In addition to the… »8/09/07 10:30am8/09/07 10:30am

2007 Woodward Dream Cruise Is Two Weeks Away And Even The New York Times Sees The Man Trying To Keep Us Down!

It looks like the New York Times has deemed the run-up to the 2007 Woodward Dream Cruise, and the associated (and non-associated) week-long classic cruising, worthy of a piece this past Friday. Although we're just excited our little 40,000-car and million-person Cruise of Dreams was considered news fit enough to… »8/05/07 8:15am8/05/07 8:15am

2007 Woodward Dream Cruise Is Go — Despite The Early Cruising, Tickets And Lack Of Money!

So, if you've never been to the Woodward Dream Cruise there's good news — the 2007 cruise is on and it's set for Saturday August 18th! Already we're hearing of various Oakland County police departments upset drivers are cruising Woodward Avenue months before the Dream Cruise officially starts. Although they're doing… »7/05/07 8:30am7/05/07 8:30am