Farfegnugen For Sale: VW Swap

The annual VW Classic is the largest Volkswagen event in the world. Next year a bigger event in Germany might usurp Irvine, California's throne, but for now the Southern California show is king. Hundreds if not thousands of classic, air-cooled VeeDubs of all kinds ('member the Matador?) gather to be gawked at and… » 6/15/07 11:15am 6/15/07 11:15am

Beyond Classic: Tempo Matador Hochpritsche mit Volkswagen Motor

The real reason we go to classic car shows is the odd chance of running across something like this. Ladies and gentlemen, I present the Tempo Matador. To our knowledge, it is the only air-cooled, mid-engined, front-wheel-drive pickup truck with suicide doors ever created. Produced in extremely low numbers between… » 6/11/07 11:45am 6/11/07 11:45am